Experimental and Evaluation of Wheel Liquid Desiccant Cooling System: A Preliminary Study


  • M. A. M. Sabri Dept. of Mechanical & Materials Eng., Faculty of Eng. & Built Environment, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • S. Omer
  • S. Riffat
  • M. F. M. Tahir
  • M. I. M. Ahmad
  • W. A. W. Ghopa
  • M. R. A. Mansor


Air-conditioning, desiccant cooling, relative humidity, air temperature


Human comfort is an important concern in accomplishing energy-efficient air conditioning systems. Temperature control is the most focused research in human comfort, but humidity control has played an important role to maintain indoor comfort too. That is why desiccant cooling could be one of the best solutions to replace conventional air conditioning systems. The proposed system in this paper is to establish a combination of well-known solid wheel cooling with liquid desiccant cooling. This paper will discuss extensively how we conduct the experiment so that we can achieve cooling for the intended space. Then we discuss the performance of the wheel in terms of humidity, air temperature, liquid temperature, and volume. The outcome of this paper could be the catalyst for a more complete build-up of wheel desiccant cooling systems in near future.




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M. A. M. Sabri, “Experimental and Evaluation of Wheel Liquid Desiccant Cooling System: A Preliminary Study”, JSAEM, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 121–128, Dec. 2022.



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